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Newsletter December 2022

Monthly Party This past month, one of our little girl players turned 7, and we got to celebrate this special moment together! Every month, we cherish celebrating the birthday boys and girls around here with a themed party. As always, the party was beautiful! Guess what the party theme was? Tiktok! The decoration and treats were prepared with great love by our staff. We are so thankful for everyone helping us through donations. It is because they are the ones …

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Newsletter November 2022

Family Reintegration Sharing good news is what we’re all about! This month we had a case of family reintegration, when the child is able to return to one of their family members. For cases in which reintegration is not possible, the child or adolescent is made available for adoption. We know they are here only temporarily and we love seeing them thrive in their families, but it is bittersweet to see them go. However, we always hope that they have …

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Newsletter October 2022

October Celebrations In Brazil, Children’s Day is celebrated on October 12! However, around here every day is their day, and we get to witness their joy, spontaneity, curiosity, willingness, and courage daily. Of course, we celebrated with an amazing party! Everything was prepared with great love and affection by our Lar Maná staff. Together with the Children’s Day party, we also celebrated the birthdays of three of our girls. We want to thank Gleice, sister of one of the educators …

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Newsletter Septemper 2022

A New Family It is with great joy that we are here to share the news that a new family has been formed! One of our little ones has received a new home full of love through adoption. The hope that we see through the smiles on our children’s faces is what motivates us to keep fighting for a better life for them. And none of this would happen without the support of people like you. We thank everyone who …

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Newsletter August 2022

Birthdays of the Month As you probably already know, every month we have a special party to celebrate our little ones’ birthdays. Each one of them spends the whole year looking forward to their party, always prepared with so much love by our team at Lar Maná. This past month we had three birthday parties, each one with its own theme: LEGO, Paw Patrol, and Young Titans. It is a privilege to be able to provide these moments of joy …

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Newsletter July 2022

Donation from the Navy We don’t have enough words to express how grateful we are for all the love from the Naval Hospital in Recife and the Apprentice Sailors School of Pernambuco. We received generous food donations from the group, led by Commander Rogério Alves Ribeiro. Months ago, we met Captain José Macedo while taking the children to the movies, and since then, his entire team has been a blessing to Lar Maná. Children’s Camp Our kids’ vacation month was …

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