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Newsletter May 2023

Adoption We are thankful for one more adoption this month, here at Lar Maná. Our little “Frozen” fan has found a new home and another beautiful family was born! It is always a joy to share these moments with you. We wish our little one and her new family lots of love, joy and shared discoveries. May each day be an opportunity to build precious memories and strengthen family bonds. Our mission to welcome and care for children in need …

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Newsletter April 2023

Birthday of the Month This month we had a beautiful party prepared by the pedagogical team made especially for one of the children. It was amazing! We enjoyed helping her celebrate her 10th birthday! She is a fan of the band Black Pink so we made a point of decorating everything just the way she likes it and had an afternoon of fun and games! It is always a pleasure for us to provide these happy moments for our little …

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Newsletter March 2023

Adoption Our hearts are filled with a mixture of happiness and sadness each time they leave. This month two more families were formed. To see the joy on the childrens’ faces as they hug their new parents not only validates the work we have done, it also motivates us to continue to fight for a better life for each one of these children. None of this would be possible without the support of people like you! We greatly appreciate all …

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Newsletter February 2023

Birthdays of the Month February was a month of fun. Four children had birthdays this month and as always, we had a celebration of another year of life for these little ones. There was a super-heroes themed party for the two-year-old twins and their older brother who just turned four years old. We also had a 15-year-old birthday party for our beautiful and radiant debutante. Here in Brazil this is a much anticipated and celebrated occasion and we made sure …

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Newsletter January 2023

Adoption The long-awaited day for mom, dad and grandma has arrived. Another beautiful family formed. It is always a joy to share these moments! A mixture of feelings for us, the joy of seeing our little ones going to a new home, but the longing that remains. Our wish is that he will be very loved and receive all the love and attention he needs. May God bless this new family! ㅤ Porto de Galinhas Trip January was an amazing …

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Newsletter December 2022

Monthly Party This past month, one of our little girl players turned 7, and we got to celebrate this special moment together! Every month, we cherish celebrating the birthday boys and girls around here with a themed party. As always, the party was beautiful! Guess what the party theme was? Tiktok! The decoration and treats were prepared with great love by our staff. We are so thankful for everyone helping us through donations. It is because they are the ones …

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