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Newsletter April 2021

Birthday of The Month This time, we had a very special birthday at the very end of the month. As usual, the birthday boy got to choose a theme for his party and on the 30th, we celebrated with an Iron Man party! We had lots of fun with our little superhero. Indian Day In Brazil, we celebrate “Indian Day” every April 19th. It is a day when schools usually hold special activities and celebrate the indigenous people and their …

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Newsletter March 2021

Birthdays of The Month Children’s parties are always sources of lots of laughter and joy! And it’s no different around here. As we usually do, we celebrated birthdays this month with a themed party. This time, we celebrated the lives of three little “Minnie Mouses”. The Importance of Water Water is a source of life and one of the most important natural resources out there. On March 22, we celebrated Water Day. We had the opportunity to work on the …

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Newsletter February 2021

Birthday of The Month Children’s parties are always a blast! And when the child is in love with the theme of his party, were are in for a day of a lot of fun! During the month of February, we celebrated one of our little boys’ birthdays. He chose the Spiderman theme himself for his 3rd birthday party. He is growing into a happy and intelligent boy and we are thrilled to celebrate his life! Back to School Classes started …

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Newsletter January 2021

New Home In January we felt emotional, missed some kids, and felt great joy all at the same time! Two of the kids are now part of a loving family in a new home that is filled with love. Birthdays of The Month This past month we had two birthdays at Lar Maná, where each child picked their own theme for their party. The chosen themes were “Beauty and the Beast” and “Wonderwoman”. Special thanks to Ilze Santiago, who voluntarily …

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2020 Retrospective – Lar Maná

2020 brought challenges we couldn’t even imagine coming our way, didn’t it? The kids at Lar Maná were used to receiving lots of visits, going to school daily and being in close contact with their educators. With that no longer being a possibility, they had to adapt and get used to a new routine during the pandemic. Though very difficult, we would like to focus on the positive aspects of 2020 in this year in review. Several children were able …

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Newsletter November 2020

New Homes Up to November 2020 we had 12 children who were adopted and 2 children returned to their extended families (they left Lar Maná to live with a relative who had been granted guardianship from the court). We are extremely happy to have been able to be a part of these kids lives and be their home for a while. Birthday Celebration This month we had a birthday party for one of our children. Each child has an individual …

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