Lar Maná's Newsletters


Newsletter December 2021

Mission Accomplished The month of December was very blessed for us and for our children! With great joy and warm hearts, we inform you that 6 children received a new, loving family through the process of adoption this past month! We invite you to keep these new families in your prayers. Birthdays of the Month On December 3rd, we celebrated the 11th birthday of one of our boys! The chosen theme for the party was the soccer team “Sport …

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II Festival de natação Lar Maná 4

Newsletter November 2021

Mission Accomplished We are happy to let you know that in the month of November, two of our children returned to their families through the reintegration process! Also, three siblings received a new loving and caring family through adoption! News like these are a reassurance for all of us that the daily work here is very worthwhile! Seeing hopeful smiles in our children’s faces is what motivates us to keep fighting for a better life for them. …

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Newsletter October 2021

A Joyful Month October was a month of much joy and festivities for our children! We had field trips, parties and received lots of gifts! Words are not enough to express how grateful we are for all the donations and volunteer work we were gifted with. God bless everyone who supports us locally and internationally! Birthdays of The Month This month, we had a pirate-themed birthday party, requested by our little birthday boy. The party was filled with activities, games …

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Newsletter September 2021

Our Mission Continues Our mission to help, shelter and guide our children stands strong. This past month, we welcomed 7 children into our home of love and affection. We are very happy to see that we are able to provide a better life for these little angels through the donations we receive. We are immensely grateful to God and to everyone who helps us. Thank you all very much! Birthdays This month, we had a wonderful birthday party to …

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Newsletter August 2021

Mission Accomplished It is with great joy that we inform you that in the month of August one child was reintegrated to their family. And three children gained new families through the adoption process! We always feel a warmth in our hearts when we get news like this. We feel accomplished and a lot of joy because we know that these children will have a life of love and care that they so much deserve. Birthday of the Month On …

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Newsletter July 2021

Mission Accomplished Every time this highlight repeats itself, our hearts are filled with gratitude! In July, two children gained new families through adoption, provided by the Children’s Court of Paulista. Our role as Lar Maná is to take care of the children, assuring their rights and everything they need to develop until their destiny is defined by the judge. When this destiny is defined, our mission has been accomplished with that child and a new stage begins within a new …

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