About Lar Maná

Lar Maná

Lar Mana is a non-profit institution founded in 2008 in the city of Paulista, Brazil. We welcome and care for children ages newborn to pre-adolescence who are in situations of social vulnerability. These children are removed from their homes and sent to us by the Child and Youth Court of the municipality of Paulista-PE and by the Guardianship Council. At Lar Mana, these children receive the physical, emotional, psychological, and legal assistance they need so badly.

Our History

Everything started when the couple Cícero and Nel da Paz donated the space to the church. At first, Maná was a place for spiritual retreats. Over the years, this space stopped being used as frequently. Thinking of other possible uses, the missionary Randy Short dreamed of establishing a home for children. He shared this vision with other members of the Church of Christ and received support from individuals and churches in both Brazil and the United States. L.A.R. Maná was officially established in 2008 and welcomed the first child in 2010.

Our Team

L.A.R. Maná’s staff consists of dedicated, well-trained and loving members. Our team is made up of administrative assistants, managers, psychologists, social workers, educators, cooks, and general service employees.


Ana Valéria

Executive Director

Sandra Nascimento

Financial Supervisor

Joana Vilar

Adminsitrative Supervisor

Technical Team


Nataly Pedrosa


Cláudia Brito


Lusileide Rodrigues


Barbara Maria de Melo

Social Assistant

Social Educators


Gilvaneide Paixão

Social Educator

Givanilda Sales - Educadora social

Givanilda Sales

Social Educator

Genykelly Maria da Silva - Educadora social

Genykelly Maria

Social Educator

Teonice Barbosa da Silva - Educadora Social

Teonice Barbosa

Social Educator

Diciola Bezerra Porto de Oliveira - Educadora Social

Diciola Bezerra

Social Educator

Josiane Lucena Azedo - Educadora Social

Josiane Lucena

Social Educator

Maria de Oliveira - Lar Maná

Maria de Oliveira

Social Educator

Vilma Almeida Lins de Santana - Educadora Social

Vilma Almeida

Social Educator

Cristiane Cardoso Monteito - Educadora Social

Cristiane Cardoso

Social Educator

Ednez Alves

Social Educator

General Services

Ana Lúcia Eduarda

General Service Assistant

Ivson Bezerra

General Service Assistant

Alexssandro Severino da Silva - Serviços Gerais

Alexssandro Severino

General Service Assistant

Flávia da Nobrega Gomes - Cozinheira

Flávia Nóbrega


The Facilities

L.A.R. Maná has the capacity to shelter 40 children and adolescents at once. It has four apartments, each containing three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, living room and pantry. Each one of these apartments accommodates 10 children.

In addition to these apartment homes, Maná’s structure includes a library, recreation room, classrooms, storage rooms, a large dining room, kitchen, an external house, swimming pools, playground, administrative rooms, a church temple, soccer field, volleyball court, outdoor toilets, garages and a lot of external space.

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