About Lar Maná

About Lar Maná

Lar de Acolhimento e Reintegração Maná or L.A.R. Maná, was founded in 2008, it is a non-profit institution that welcomes and works for the reintegration of children and adolescents from the ages of 0 to 12 in situations of social vulnerability who are covered by institutional protection, sent by the Child and Youth Court of the municipality of Paulista-PE and by the Guardianship Council. We offer physical, psychological and legal assistance.

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Our History

Everything started when the couple Cícero and Nel da Paz donated the space to the church. At first, Maná was a place for spiritual retreats. Over the years, this space stopped being used frequently. Thinking of other possible uses, the missionary Randy Short, dreamed of establishing a home for children. He shared this vision with other members of the Church of Christ and he received support from individuals and churches in both Brazil and the United States. L.A.R. Maná was officially established in 2008 and came to reality to welcome the first child in 2010.

Our Team

The management of L.A.R. Maná is performed through the dedicated service of a well-trained technical team consisting of board managers, administrative managers, psychologist, social worker and psycho-pedagogue. The board is also composed of a support team of social educators, supervisor, cook and general services.

Ana Valéria

Executive Director

Cláudia de Brito Pinheiro


Lusileide Rodrigues


Maria de Oliveira

General Service Assistant

Altermir Cavalcante

General Service Assistant

Ana Lúcia Eduarda

General Service Assistant

Flávia César dos Santos

Social Educator

Maria Aparecida

Social Educator


Social Educator

Cristiane Gomes da Silva

Social Educator

Aldenice Montenegro

Social Educator

Claudineide Maria da Silva

Social Educator

Maria Cleonice Lopes

Social Educator

Carla Fernanda dos Santos

Social Educator

The facilities

Regarding the physical structure, L.A.R. Maná has the capacity to accommodate up to about 40 (forty) children and adolescents. It has four units of social houses. Such houses are composed of three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, living room, pantry, service area, hallway and has the capacity to accommodate up to 10 children.

In addition to the social houses, Maná structure includes: library, recreation room, service rooms / classrooms, storage rooms, workshop rooms, large dining room, large kitchen, outdoor house, playground, swimming pools, administration rooms, church temple, soccer field, volleyball court, outdoor toilets, garages, ample free space.

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