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Newsletter August 2022

Birthdays of the Month As you probably already know, every month we have a special party to celebrate our little ones’ birthdays. Each one of them spends the whole year looking forward to their party, always prepared with so much love by our team at Lar Maná. This past month we had three birthday parties, each one with its own theme: LEGO, Paw Patrol, and Young Titans. It is a privilege to be able to provide these moments of joy …

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Newsletter July 2022

Donation from the Navy We don’t have enough words to express how grateful we are for all the love from the Naval Hospital in Recife and the Apprentice Sailors School of Pernambuco. We received generous food donations from the group, led by Commander Rogério Alves Ribeiro. Months ago, we met Captain José Macedo while taking the children to the movies, and since then, his entire team has been a blessing to Lar Maná. Children’s Camp Our kids’ vacation month was …

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Newsletter June 2022

Birthdays of the Month This past month, one of our little soccer players turned 7, and we got to celebrate this special moment together! Every month, we cherish celebrating the birthday boys and girls around here with a themed party. As always, the party was beautiful! The theme of the party was his favorite sport, soccer, and the decoration and treats were prepared with great love by our staff. We are so thankful for everyone helping us through donations. It …

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Newsletter May 2022

Birthdays of the Month Three of the little ones celebrated birthdays this month and you won’t believe the themes they chose for their party around here! The themes were chosen by the children themselves: Beauty and the Beast and Cobra Kai. Our kids had a ton of fun. It was an afternoon of much joy, games, dances, and delicious food. Everything was done with great care and love. Caretaker’s Day Have you ever heard of Caretaker’s Day? No? We’ll tell …

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Newsletter April 2022

Easter Celebrations Our staff prepared beautiful Easter celebrations this month and we couldn’t resist coming here to tell you all about it! In the morning of April 14th, we had a beautiful party at the Maná do Céu Preschool, prepared with great love by teachers Tainã and Cristiane. In the afternoon, we had a performance of the Passion of Christ, performed by our little ones. We relived two very important moments in the Bible: Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and the …

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Newsletter March 2022

Birthdays of the month Our kids’ monthly parties are the definition of fun around here! We celebrate the birthdays of the month with theme parties and our tradition lived on this March. We had Baller Bear, Spiderman, Captain America, our Fairy and Barbie. We had Baller Bear, Spiderman, Captain America, our Fairy and Barbie. They, as always, loved it! Ana Valeria’s Birthday If you know our beloved director Ana, you know how dedicated she is in the administration of Lar …

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