Newsletter February 2024

Newsletter February 2024

Monthly Celebrations: Making Birthdays Bright!

Every month, we gear up for a big celebration as we honor the birthdays of our kids! Our Lar Maná team works hard to make these days extra special.

This month, we celebrated our princess turning 13. It was a lovely party, all thanks to the caring staff here. Seeing the kids smile and make lifelong memories is priceless. Big thanks to everyone who helps us out!

A New Beginning: Finding Families for Our Kids!

Saying goodbye is never easy, but we’re happy to see our little car lover find a new family! While they’re with us, we make sure they get everything they need.

But it comes the time for them to start a new chapter. We’ll miss them, but knowing they’re going to a loving home fills us with joy.

We wish them all the best!

Back to School: Learning and Growing Together!

It’s that time of the year again—school’s back! Pictured, our smaller ones are off to their own “little school”.

Children up to 5 years old attend our own “Maná do Céu” Preschool In February, all our kids are back to their school routines. The little ones go to Maná do Céu Preschool, which was built with help from Itaú Social and others. It’s been a real blessing for our kids, giving them a great start in education.

Here’s to a year full of learning and fun for each of them! We strongly believe in the power of education to transform lives. That’s why we’re thrilled to share some exciting updates going on with you!

School Reinforcement Classes

Thanks to the support of Itaú Social, a program created by our country’s largest private bank, the tutoring sessions led here at Lar Maná are making a real difference in the lives of our children. These classes help boost their learning and improve their performance at school.

And guess what? We’re expanding the project this year to reach even more kids in the Chã da Mangabeira community! With our pedagogical team growing and renovations underway, we’re gearing up to make this project even more impactful. It’s amazing to see dreams turning into reality!

Computer Classes

February marks the return of our much-loved computer classes! Thanks to Itaú Social, our children, both here at Lar Maná and in the Chã da Mangabeira community, have the chance to dive into the digital world.

It’s an exciting time for them to learn new skills and explore the wonders of technology. We can’t wait to see the discoveries and joy these classes will bring!

Robotics Room

Alongside our regular programs, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of robotics classes at Lar Maná and Walfrido Advíncula School.
Thanks to the unwavering support of Itaú Social, we’re turning dreams into reality once again.

We’re busy remodeling to create a space that’s not just beautiful but functional too. Our hope is that through these classes, our children will open doors to endless opportunities and possibilities.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to nurture and empower the minds of our children here at Lar Maná!

“Itaú Mothers”: Nurturing Bonds, Fostering Growth!

This month marks the beginning of a new year with the mothers and students of the Itaú Social Project. Our goal is to provide computer classes for the children in our community and host monthly meetings with their mothers to discuss everyday topics relevant to women.

At the start of each semester, we gather to align expectations, explain class schedules, stress the importance of attendance, and address any questions or concerns.

It’s a crucial step in ensuring everyone is on the same page and ready for the exciting journey ahead. None of this would be possible without the generous support of Itaú Social, who has been the driving force behind this initiative. We’re thrilled to offer quality education to these children while strengthening our bonds with the community.

Organic Garden Delights: Cultivating Nature’s Bounty!

Last year, biologist and teacher, Danyllo Almeida, embarked on an incredible journey to create an organic garden right here at Lar Maná. Today, we’re reaping the rewards of this labor of love.

Amongst the lush greens of lettuce, juicy tomatoes, fragrant spring onions, and vibrant coriander, we have a variety of other fruits and vegetables blossoming under Danyllo’s careful watch. What’s truly remarkable is that everything grows naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals.

To celebrate this bountiful harvest, Danyllo whipped up a fresh and delicious salad for the children. And the verdict? They absolutely adored every bite! It’s heartwarming to see how a simple project can bring such joy and valuable lessons to our children.

A true testament to sustainability and love for nature!

Did You Know You Can Have a Positive Impact on the Life of an At-risk Child?

Since 2008, Lar Maná has been a home for children in need of a safe place to live and grow. During all these years, we have been blessed to be able to count on so many different people around the world to keep this work alive.

When you join our dedicated team of professionals and volunteers through donations, we work together to guarantee the physical well-being, mental health and spiritual development of that child. If you want to be closely involved with the transformation of an at-risk child, click the following link:

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