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Become a Contributor

One of the best ways of perpetuating human happiness is looking beyond one's own needs and serving others. The gratification of feeling useful in the lives of people who need support is indescribable.

The desire to help others can be realized in many ways. Single or monthly cash donations can be made by individuals as well as donations of material goods.

In order to operate at its full capacity, L.A.R. Maná needs the collaboration of generous people since the maintenance of both the physical structure and the technical and support team requires regular resources.

God has been supplying the main needs of this social work, gratitude is a tonic among those who have participated in the whole history of this entity until now.
Join this mission and become a collaborator.

Become a Volunteer

Many times in life, we feel the desire to participate positively in the history of the people around us. At various stages of our existence, there are possibilities of dedicating a portion of your time to help those who need it. At L.A.R. Maná, this desire can become a reality for you!

Checking closely the structure and the potential of the shelter's physical environment can be enlightening. By becoming a volunteer, you will become aware of the environment and everyday needs.

There are many and diverse ways your participation would be well received. See some of the options below:

Visit L.A.R. Maná to meet the children and play with them, give attention to the little ones and talk to the teenagers.

Works with children to remedy learning difficulties.

Your skills and knowledge can be converted into useful activities such as lessons in ballet, musical instruments, languages, arts, swimming, computer and related fields. It's all about dreaming and bringing it to reality.

One of the great needs of children is health care. We need dentists, doctors, speech therapists, ophthalmologists and other health professionals whoare available to treat our children. It can be done in the professional's clinic, but he or she can also carry out preventive and educational actions within the institution itself.

Your good will and intentions will find multiple possibilities of becoming actions that will yield significant moments of human exchange.

Gratitude and openness to new opportunities permeate the welcoming atmosphere of L.A.R. Maná.

Your presence can make the difference!

Become an Affectionate Godfather or Godmother

The affectionate godfather or godmother is the one who regularly visits the child or adolescent. Through these visits, on weekends and on holidays spent in the company of the affectionate godfather, the social and affective experience is provided with this familiar coexistence.

This process is regulated and has to go through the competent bodies. L.A.R. Maná can inform you about the sponsorship, but the process itself is done through Ceja (Comissão Estadual Judiciária de Adoção) – PE.

It is necessary to present some documents (identity, proof of residence) and certificates of suitability, physical and mental health to become a godfather/ godmother. There is a commitment term to be signed and a registration form to fill out.

Ceja can be contacted via online form

Become a Partner Company

Sponsorship is an excellent way for your company to invest in “social welfare”, earmarking up to 2% of operating profit so that L.A.R. Maná can best cater to children.

Your company can sponsor L.A.R. Maná fully or partly. Your company may invest in a project that already exists or we can develop a new one in partnership with your company, as long as it is in accordance with L.A.R. Maná.

Become an Adoptive Family

Adoption is a loving act in which one person receives the other as part of their family. When a child arrives at Lar Maná, the hope is that, someday, she can return to her original family. But that is not always a possibility. In these cases, the child becomes eligible for adoption. Many children who have come through Lar Maná have found new permanent homes.

If you are thinking about adoption, then you should be congratulated. But adoption cannot be done in any way. There is a judicial process in place that exists to guarantee what is best for the child. And this process can take a while.

Do you know what are the steps to adopt?

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