Newsletter May 2024

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Newsletter May 2024

Birthdays of the Month Two of our little ones celebrated their birthdays this month, and of course, we organized a beautiful party for them. There was lots of music and delicious food, as usual! Our little ones had a great time. We make sure to celebrate each birthday so they feel special and build good memories. This is when we feel that all the effort is worth it. May God continue blessing them with health and happiness! Social Project – ...
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Newsletter April 2024

Family Reintegration Another month, another bittersweet goodbye to one of our kids. While it’s tough to see them leave, we’re heartened knowing they’re taking a step toward their happiness and well-being. We hope and pray that love and support is provided in this new family adjustment. ….. ….. Birthdays of the Month Three of our wonderful kiddos celebrated their birthdays, and we threw some memorable parties to mark the occasion. A heartfelt thank you to all who contribute – your ...
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Newsletter March 2024

Celebrating Life: Birthdays at Lar Maná! Each month, we set aside the final Friday to honor the birthdays of our children. In March, three of our little ones celebrated another journey around the sun. Their smiles light up our world, and it’s a privilege to make their special day truly memorable. We pour our hearts into every detail, ensuring they feel surrounded by love. Here’s to a lifetime of health and happiness for each of them! Embracing Easter A Time ...
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Newsletter February 2024

Monthly Celebrations: Making Birthdays Bright! Every month, we gear up for a big celebration as we honor the birthdays of our kids! Our Lar Maná team works hard to make these days extra special. This month, we celebrated our princess turning 13. It was a lovely party, all thanks to the caring staff here. Seeing the kids smile and make lifelong memories is priceless. Big thanks to everyone who helps us out! A New Beginning: Finding Families for Our Kids! ...
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Newsletter January 2024

Birthdays of the Month What a cool party we had this month! As you might already know, we love celebrating the kids’ birthdays. Our staff always makes sure they put all their creativity to use as they plan and set up themed parties and it’s always a blast! This past month, our birthday girl turned 12 and our little Spider-Man fan is now 7 years old. Our staff did a great job in setting up such a beautiful party with ...
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Newsletter December 2023

Birthdays of the Month We hold our children’s birthday parties every month and this time it was no different. We make a point of celebrating each year of their lives as our way of showing them how special they are. Our wish is each child to grow up healthy, happy and loved wherever they go when they leave our care. IT Students’ Graduation We had another IT student graduation. Another class successfully completed, thanks to God! What a joy to ...
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Newsletter November 2023

Birthdays of the Month During the month of November, two of our little ones had birthdays. All we want is for them to be very happy and pray for God bless their lives with lots of health, love and joy. Once again, the pedagogical team prepared a special themed party so that the children could feel loved and special. Black Awareness Month During the month of November, we celebrate Black Awareness, with the 20th of this month being a date ...
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Newsletter October 2023

Birthdays of the Month We had another beautiful party for two of our princesses!!! They just turned 4 years old. What a joy to be able to provide these moments for them. We make a point of celebrating each birthday every month, as a way of showing how special children are and that we should celebrate their birth. All parties are organized with great care and love by the pedagogical team and also by all of you who help us ...
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Newsletter September 2023

15th Anniversary On September 22nd, we completed 15 years of existence as a foster home. And to “celebrate” this special date, we decided to run a campaign with the aim of giving gifts to our children. We launched an online fundraiser to raise money to buy five bicycles for our little ones. They love riding bikes and most of the ones we had were broken and unusable, hence the idea of doing this fundraiser. Thanks to everyone’s generosity and affection, ...
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Newsletter August 2023

Adoptions This August, Lar Maná was the stage for more stories of love and transformation. Four children have found new homes where they will be loved, cared for and given the chance to grow up with love and care. Each adoption is a moment of celebration, representing the realization of dreams and the formation of families. We celebrate not only these new beginnings, but also the power to make these children’s futures better. We thank everyone who made these adoptions ...
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