Newsletter May 2024

Newsletter May 2024

Birthdays of the Month

Two of our little ones celebrated their birthdays this month, and of course, we organized a beautiful party for them. There was lots of music and delicious food, as usual! Our little ones had a great time. We make sure to celebrate each birthday so they feel special and build good memories. This is when we feel that all the effort is worth it. May God continue blessing them with health and happiness!

Social Project – Supporting Mothers

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we honored the strong women in our community through the Itaú Moms social project. This initiative includes monthly meetings where mothers and caregivers of our students—who attend computer, robotics, and tutoring classes—come together. These gatherings are a platform to discuss education, family, and other significant topics.

Our recent event was filled with love and gratitude, highlighting the dedication and care these women provide daily.

Caregiver Appreciation Day

As part of our Mother’s Day celebrations, we also hosted “CAREGIVER DAY” to thank our social educators who tirelessly care for our children with immense love and affection. The morning was emotional and beautiful, with the children expressing their gratitude through heartfelt messages. These educators play a crucial role in nurturing the children who come to us seeking love and care.

Make It Beautiful Campaign

To raise awareness about violence and sexual abuse against children and adolescents, our psychologists and pedagogical team conducted activities to help children recognize and report any abuse. With the support of Itaú Social, we are committed to promoting awareness and ending this sad reality. Remember, abuse and sexual exploitation are crimes—report them by calling 100 or 190 here in Brazil. Together, we can make a difference.


We hosted another hearing to expedite judicial processes for the children in our care. This event included the Judge, Prosecutor, Public Defender, and our technical team. Together, we resolved several important issues to ensure a dignified childhood for our sheltered children. ….. …..

Adoption and Reintegration

We are thrilled to announce the reintegration and adoption of two children. Our goal is for every child to find a loving and supportive family. Whether through reintegration with their biological families or adoption by new parents, we provide continuous support to ensure a smooth transition. Every child deserves a loving home, and we are dedicated to making this a reality.

IT Training

Our robotics teacher recently attended a training event organized by the Educational Ecosystem company in Curitiba, a city in southern Brazil. This opportunity, made possible by Itaú Social, allows us to enhance our robotics classes and open new doors for our children. We believe that investing in our educators is an investment in our children’s future.

Income Tax Campaign

May 31 marked the deadline for Income Tax collection, and we ran a campaign in Recife’s Graças neighborhood to inform people about their ability to allocate part of their tax to the Child and Adolescent Rights Funds. We hope this initiative will help more people realize their potential to transform the lives of children rescued from social vulnerability. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our mission. Together, we are making a significant impact on the lives of these children.

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