Newsletter September 2020

Newsletter September 2020

News from Lar Maná


Our van is here! Our workers and children are very happy with this huge gift: a van! This was a result of generous donations and our GoFundMe campaign. The children can now go to school safely, go to church and go on special trips to parks and beaches nearby with our team!

Individual attention

This was a busy month for the technical team as they provided individual appointments for our children and teens, focusing on their strengths and challenges.

Pedagogical support

Our children continue full steam ahead with their virtual classes. The tutoring team assures that their learning opportunities are beneficial.

Birthday celebrations

Many birthdays were celebrated this month! For their birthday, each of our children has the opportunity to feel unique and loved through a special party and a photography session.


The Criança Esperança Project continues to be a blessing for our children, providing different sports activities.

Learning centers

A variety of learning centers were held with our little ones, stimulating their creativity through many different activities.

Team meeting

This past month, our team got together for planning sessions on how to better take care of our little ones.

Milk donations

We are extremely thankful for the generous hearts that leave their mark here at Lar Maná. This past month, we were glad to receive milk donations!

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