Sponsor a Child

You Can Make a Positive, Lasting Impact in the Life of an AT-RISK Child.

Child sponsorship works!

Over the years, it has proven to be one of the most effective ways to help a child develop a positive self-image and rise up out of poverty.

When you sponsor a child, you join our dedicated team of professionals and volunteers as we work together to guarantee the physical well-being, mental health, and spiritual development of that child.

How Lar Maná Cares for At-risk Children

Love & Affection

Dedicated staff members and generous volunteers care for their heart's need for affection. Their daily routine includes school and afterschool tutoring sessions to work on critical skills and defeat illiteracy.



Each child has a warm bed to sleep in and is fed good healthy meals and snacks each day. The home has a large outdoor area where the children play and swim. They participate in organized recreational and sports activities.



The children’s mental health is a priority due to the traumas they have been through. The children can count on constant affection from our staff and weekly therapy sessions with a trained professional to help them heal and rebuild their trust in others.

Spiritual Development

Our children are part of an active church family and receive spiritual nurturing to overcome hopelessness and develop a strong faith. They participate in Bible lessons, Sunday school, and special events led by church youth group volunteers.

Meet Our Children Who Need a Sponsor

Fully Sponsored Children

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Sponsorship FAQ

A sponsor is someone who has a personal commitment to a specific child. At the minimum, a sponsor provides a monthly monetary donation that contributes to meeting the needs of that child.

A sponsor may choose to participate in other ways such as sending additional gifts or correspondence. You may even choose to visit your sponsored child.

It is important to understand that, due to the fact that these children are removed from difficult situations by government agencies, Brazil imposes restrictions on publicly exposing the image of these children.

There is no defined period of sponsorship.

You can participate in the program for as long or as little as you like during the period that the child remains at Lar Maná.

All funds donated to Lar Maná are managed by a team that includes a financial administrator, financial assistant and a certified account. All projects and financial statements are audited by a third party.

Annual financial statements are posted to the Portuguese version of the website at https://www.larmana.org.br/sobre/transparencia/.

Your donation helps to guarantee the physical well-being, mental health and spiritual development of the child. 

The money is used to pay for food, clothes, counseling, medical consultations, medication, school materials, and much more.

It takes $200 to fully sponsor a child. Feel free to fully or partially sponsor a child, or even donate above that goal.

All proceedings go to meeting the needs of the children at Lar Maná.

Donations are tax-deductible and received by Lar Mana USA, Inc.

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