Newsletter August 2020

Newsletter August 2020

News From Our Home

Lots of learning

This month of August was filled with workshops and learning opportunities led by our educator Lusileide Rodrigues. These moments were focused on paying attention, memory techniques, ordering and sequencing and the importance of friendship. The children worked on their own beautiful and detailed artwork.

Beach day

This past month, we took the kids to relax by the beach. They needed to have this time away from the day-to-day routine. It was an amazing day filled with fun activities by the ocean!

Team training

The professional team at Lar Maná went through meetings to plan and be better equipped to serve our children in the best way possible.

Special needs awareness

We spent an entire week celebrating special needs awareness. “No one is the same as the other, celebrate differences!”. We worked with the children on acknowledging people with special needs. It was emotional to watch our children become aware of the challenges people face.


We are extremely grateful for the donations of milk and cookies for our children!

Meeting with the judge

Our technical team met with Judge Dr. Ricardo de Sá Leitão Jr, who diligently works for the rights of children and adolescents in the city of Paulista. We are so grateful for his work!

School activities

Our children have done an excellent job in completing their schoolwork with the support of pedagogical team. They are blessed to have access to their virtual classes. These students deserve our appreciation for their hard work!


This past month, our little ones updated their health cards with some vaccinations. Our big thanks to the health professionals at the public health services of Paulista, who always welcome us with such tender and loving care.

Taking care of our team’s spiritual needs

The Lar Maná staff is blessed by Marcio Jander’s words of encouragement and strength during weekly devotionals.

Photoshoot day

Our psychologist Cláudia Pinheiro, who is also an amazing photographer, gifted our little princesses at Lar Maná with a day of beautiful pictures taken!

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