Newsletter August 2021

Newsletter August 2021

Mission Accomplished

It is with great joy that we inform you that in the month of August one child was reintegrated to their family. And three children gained new families through the adoption process!

We always feel a warmth in our hearts when we get news like this. We feel accomplished and a lot of joy because we know that these children will have a life of love and care that they so much deserve.

Birthday of the Month

On August 8th, we had a party to celebrate the birthday of one of our children! With the theme of the Olympics, which was chosen by the birthday girl herself. The party was all fun and games with a lot of music and delicious food!

Taking Care of Their Health

This month our little twins went to their medical appointment at IMIP Hospital. Thank God, since everything went well with the exams, the umbilical hernia surgeries will be scheduled.

Yard Improvements

In mid-August we started a makeover in our beautiful yard! Our staff members Irineu and Alex are building a small bench surrounding the yard trees, so that there is a place to sit and enjoy nature. Look how beautiful it is looking already!

Keeping our Environment Safe

Every month, the pest control company “WS Controle de Pragas” sends an employee to do the fumigation in all the environments of Lar Maná, so that our children and employees are as safe as possible! These pictures were taken during the cleaning of the cafeteria during the visit in August.

Dental Appointments up to Date

Our children have monthly appointments to take care of their teeth, thanks to a wonderful project provided by dental surgeons Ana Amélia Maynard, Renata Leitão, Veronica Luna and Angelica Rocha, from OdontoArt. Thank you so much!

Taking Care of Their Looks

Barbers from “Fael Barbearia” came to give our children a new look with beautiful haircuts, made with much love and care.


A meeting was held at Lar Maná’s facilities for accountability with a city employee.

With the participation of our director Ana Valéria, our administrative supervisor Joana Villar and our financial supervisor Sandra Nascimento. We had a conversation with the comptroller, in order to make sure that Lar Maná is meeting the state requirements.


On the 23rd there was the inauguration of the new councilors triennium 2021 to 2024 held in the auditorium of the City Council of Paulista.

The mayor of Paulista, Yves Ribeiro, was also present! Our director, Ana Valéria, and our administrative supervisor, Joana Villar, were also present.

“My Body is My Friend”

On 08/25, our psychologist Claudia Brito and our kids used the book “Meu corpo é meu amigo” (My Body is My Friend) to have a conversation about sexual abuse. Then, we watched the video about sexual abuse by Aunt Marja from the channel “Meu pequeno mundo dos pequeninos” (My little world of the little ones).

New Ideas and Experiences

This month, our director Ana Valéria went through online training sessions about the impacts of conscious management of relationships, taught by Coach Lindevany Hoffimann.

Phonoaudiologist Visit

On August 29th, we received a visit from speech therapist Taciana Luce. She volunteered to care for our children and have appointments with them.

We thank her enormously for all the attention given to our children.

Raising Awareness

Our educator Leide, who assists us thanks to the “Valuable Friend” Project, provided by the bank Santander, organized a talk about “Maria da Penha Law”, which protects women from violence and abuse.

Our boys and girls were very engaged as talks were held on the subject as well as group dynamics, raising awareness on how violence is harmful both physically and psychologically.

Cultural Festival

To close our month of August at Lar Maná, we had a cultural party.

The children sang, danced, played guessing games and finally performed a “ciranda”, which is a typical dance.

Did You Know You Can Have a Positive Impact on the Life of an At-risk Child?

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