Newsletter December 2023

Newsletter December 2023

Birthdays of the Month

We hold our children’s birthday parties every month and this time it was no different. We make a point of celebrating each year of their lives as our way of showing them how special they are. Our wish is each child to grow up healthy, happy and loved wherever they go when they leave our care.

IT Students’ Graduation

We had another IT student graduation. Another class successfully completed, thanks to God! What a joy to be able to close another session in such a special way. With the help of Itaú Social project, the creators of this project, Ana Valéria, director of Lar Maná, and Iara, director of Walfrido Advíncula school, began this very important partnership.

The plans for this project are even bigger for next year. In addition to computer classes, we will have tutoring and also robotics classes. The celebration was beautifully organized by Professor Paulo, with the help of the pedagogical team. Our hope is that many doors will open for these children through the knowledge acquired during the course.

Closing of the Mothers of the Itaú Project

Thanks to God, we concluded another cycle of the Mothers of the Itaú Project.

Those who follow our social networks know that in addition to being a shelter, Lar Maná carries out social work in the local community, offering computer classes to children and hosting monthly meetings with the mothers of these students.

The objective is to work on topics that are part of these women’s daily lives and strengthen ties between the institution and the community. The meetings were wonderful and, if God allows, this program will continue next year.

ABC Graduation

One of our princesses graduated from ABC. What a joy to follow her development! Unfortunately, for security reasons, we can’t show her face, but you can just imagine what a smile she was wearing.

The party was beautiful! The party was beautiful and organized by Hotelzinho and Escola Baby Nany. The cake was made by Aunt Rafaella Oliveira, an educator here at Lar Maná, who always makes beautiful and delicious cakes for birthday parties and other celebrations.

Each right won for these children makes us even more certain of the importance of this work. All we want is for our little ones to be happy.

May God bless each one of these children and continue to use us as instruments in the transforming of lives.

End of the school year at the Maná do Céu School

In December we had the end of the school year at the Maná do Céu School. And for this, their teachers Tainã, Cristiane and Hadassa, who accompanied the children throughout the school year, prepared a super beautiful Christmas party!

What was just a dream of our director Ana Valéria, became reality in 2018 and, in 2021, we obtained the support of Itaú Social to continue this wonderful work of bringing quality education to the children in our care.

Through the Maná do Céu School, children up to 4 years old have classes from Monday to Friday, and carry out various activities, developing their cognitive, motor and social skills. It is extremely important work, as the first years of life are fundamental for the development of every human being and a basis for lifelong learning.

We can only thank God for allowing us to provide all of this to our little ones and to everyone who helps us directly and indirectly.

Christmas Party for the Public Ministry and Judiciary

What an incredible party full of joy! Santa Claus came to bring lots of gifts for our little ones. They were so happy! This celebration is the result of the generous and supportive heart of the employees of the Public Ministry (MP) and the Judiciary of the municipality of Paulista. Every year, they come together to buy gifts for the children in the municipality’s foster homes, Lar Maná and Vó Raimunda.

We sincerely thank the prosecutors Dr. Rafaela and Dr. Izamar, from the MP, the judge, Dr. Ricardo; to Mr. Jonathas, the MP’s administrative assistant and to Mr. Inaldo, the MP’s driver who portrayed himself as Santa Claus, to make the children happy, and to everyone who made this party possible. The children really enjoyed it! May this chain of love continue to light the path of our children, filling their hearts with hope and joy.

Transparency Portal Workshop

We had an important meeting this month with some representatives of NGOs from the municipality of Paulista, about the requirements regarding law 13.019/2014, which is the Regulatory Framework for the third sector. It was a moment to exchange information about the implementation of the transparency portal in these institutions.

Importance of Playing

This month we had a very interesting chat, with the pedagogy student, Laís Moraes, about the importance of playing. During the week, children have a well-structured routine, they go to school, have swimming lessons, computer classes, tutoring classes, etc. But on weekends and holidays, this routine is broken.

And what do we do when there is no established routine? The idea of the meeting was to help social educators, with suggestions they can use to entertain the children on these freer days and take advantage of the large space we have here to play and entertain the children. This process is fundamental to child development. It was a morning of lots of idea exchange and learning.


Christmas awakens the generosity that exists in every heart. It is a time when the lights shine more brightly, not only in the streets, but also in gestures of love and solidarity. This year, we were blessed with the presence of incredible groups who came to Lar Maná, bringing with them not just donations, but smiles, affection and the true essence of the Christmas spirit.

We are immensely grateful to all these generous hearts who joined us to make our children’s Christmas even more special. Every gesture of kindness and every gift donated reflects the true meaning of this festival: love for others. May the generosity that manifests itself at Christmas extend throughout the year, transforming lives and spreading hope.

We wish everyone who was part of this special moment a Christmas full of joy, peace and the certainty that their good deeds make all the difference. Thank you for being bright lights in our lives.


So much happened in 2023. What makes us happy is knowing that in another year we managed to fulfill the mission of welcoming children rescued from social vulnerability and providing them with health, education, housing, leisure, food, but above all love, care, affection and attention.

Thank you very much to you who helped us with this mission through your donations, prayers and sharing. We hope that in 2024 we can continue to count on your help to offer the best to the children in our care. We wish you an excellent year with much love, peace, respect and achievement. God bless you!

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