Newsletter December 2022

Newsletter December 2022

Monthly Party

This past month, one of our little girl players turned 7, and we got to celebrate this special moment together! Every month, we cherish celebrating the birthday boys and girls around here with a themed party. As always, the party was beautiful! Guess what the party theme was? Tiktok! The decoration and treats were prepared with great love by our staff.

We are so thankful for everyone helping us through donations. It is because they are the ones who allow us to provide such special memories for our children.

Closing of The School Year at School Maná do Céu

In December we had the end of the school year at School Maná do Céu . And for that, the teachers Tainã and Cristiane, who teached the children during the whole school year, prepared a beautiful Christmas party! What was just a dream of our director Ana Valéria became a reality in 2018, and in 2021, we got the support of Itaú Social to continue this wonderful work of bringing quality education to the our children.

Through the School Maná do Céu, the children under 5 years old have classes from Monday to Friday and perform several activities, developing the cognitive, motor, and social areas. This is very important because the first years of life are fundamental for the development of every human being.

We can only thank God for allowing us to provide all of this to our little ones and to everyone who helps us directly and indirectly. The last training of the social educators in the year 2022 was marked by reflection about the year had passed and a lot of conversation, with psychologist Nataly, about possible improvements for the year 2023.

The Last Training of the Social Educators

We also had some dynamics provided by the psychopedagogue Lusileide and a tribute to the social educators who have important work here as temporary “mothers” during the reception period.

The work is intense, exhausting, but very important for each child. They arrive here marked by suffering, abandonment, and neglect, but find love, affection, and attention in the arms of the social educators.

Our sincere thanks to each one of them. It wouldn’t be possible without them!

Graduation of the Informatics Class

It is so good close a cycle of a such special way. In December we had the graduation of the first computer class students here at Lar Maná. The dream of the director Ana Valéria to work with the local community came true earlier this year, with the support of Itaú Social and School Walfrido Advincula.

The students were very happy with this moment! It was a beautiful party organized by teacher Paulo, who has teachs the class during the year, and the pedagogical team.

It was exciting to see how happy each one was and we hope that many doors will open for them through the knowledge adquire during the course.

Trip to The Mall

Every year the children at Lar Maná and at the Vó Raimunda Shelter receive a great gift from the Public Ministry (MPPE) and from the Court of Justice of Pernambuco (TJPE), a day of game and movies at the North Way mall, in Paulista. It was great fun day and we would like to say thanks for everyone to made this possible.

Christmas Visits

The month of December was full of activities and visits. Santa Claus chose a lot of amazing people to come here and to give gifts to the children. There were so many gifts, so many donations. The photos do not represent even half of the visits we received. Our hearts are so grateful! We would like to say thanks for everyone who has helped us during 2022. Without your support we couldn’t take care of some many childre’s live. We cannot thank you enough for your generosity.


A lot of things happened in 2022 and we are happy for more year to comply the mission of welcoming children rescued from social vulnerability and give to them health, education, housing, leisure, food, but mainly love, affection, and attention. Many thanks to you that helped us and we hope that in the year 2023 we can continue counting on your help to offer the best to the children cared. An excellent year to you! Much love, peace, respect, and achievements. May God bless you!

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