Newsletter October 2022

Newsletter October 2022

October Celebrations

In Brazil, Children’s Day is celebrated on October 12! However, around here every day is their day, and we get to witness their joy, spontaneity, curiosity, willingness, and courage daily. Of course, we celebrated with an amazing party! Everything was prepared with great love and affection by our Lar Maná staff. Together with the Children’s Day party, we also celebrated the birthdays of three of our girls.

We want to thank Gleice, sister of one of the educators here at Lar Maná, for decorating the beautiful panel for the party and Rúbbya Diaz for donating one of the birthday cakes for our little ones. Thanks to you for helping us and to all the dedicated staff here at Lar Maná. We’re grateful for being able to offer such special moments to them.

A New Family

We are extremely happy and thankful to God when we see our little ones receiving a new home, full of care, love and affection. They come from such difficult life contexts, arriving here fragile, sad, confused, sensitive. Seeing hope reborn on their faces makes us very happy and gives us strength to continue with this mission.

All we wish is that they are very happy in their new homes and that all their rights are guaranteed. May God bless this beautiful new family!

Pink October

Have you taken care of yourself today?

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget to take care of ourselves. The theme self-care was worked on with the women of the Maná do Céu Educational Project, supported by Itaú Social. Through this project, women who live in the community close to Lar Maná have meetings with psychologist Nataly and psychopedagogue Lusileide to talk about important issues concerning the feminine and maternal universe.

The meeting was about Pink October, a breast cancer awareness campaign to alert women and society about the importance of prevention and early diagnosis.

The chat served as an alert to the importance of prevention and the search for health.


We received here at Lar Maná the vaccination team from the Chã da Mangabeira Health Center to update the vaccination cards of our little ones.

We suffer along with them, but vaccination is a fundamental step for the healthy development of all children and we take care of it rigorously.

Our thanks to the Health Secretariat and the vaccination team for their availability and care.

Teacher’s Day

On October 15th we celebrate Teacher’s Day, professionals who transform lives through education. To talk about education is to talk about love and here at Lar Maná we have this incredible team, super dedicated and loving. Every day we see love in every act. Our “uncles” and “aunts” that guide, enable, help, welcome, and awaken in the children the interest for studies.

And there are so many cases of overcoming that we see here. Children whose education was neglected, today find in Lar Maná support to face their academic difficulties. To register this day, the director Ana Valéria and the psychopedagogue Leide paid a tribute to the group and presented them with some souvenirs as a way to thank the team for all the dedication and care with the sheltered children.

We are very grateful to have such a special team!

Compreender e Acolher Project

Here at Lar Maná we received the visit of the psychology students from the Uninassau College of Olinda, participants of the Compreender e Acolher project, which has as its objective the extensive work involving psychology and the community.

The students came to get to know up close the work that is done here at Lar Maná, seeking experiences beyond the classroom.

Lar Maná was chosen by the group for the development of some socio-educational activities that will be carried out with the sheltered children.

These activities will be based on Gestalt Psychology and developed in a playful way, through games and sensory stimuli that are very important for the children’s development.

We look forward to the return of this beautiful team and of course we will share with you everything about these activities!

Visit to the Airport

The volunteers from Azul airline have been great partners of Lar Maná, helping the children through donations and, in addition, offering care and love in every visit we receive.

This time the children were invited to visit Azul’s facilities at the airport. There they met and played with the pilots and other employees. They loved it! We are very grateful to Azul for providing such a special day for the children and for the care and attention as always.

Visit of the Maria de Nazaré School Day Care Center

October is the month of children! And to celebrate this date, in addition to our party, we received here the Creche Escolar Maria de Nazaré, who came to make some presentations and, of course, play a lot of games with the children. It was a super fun afternoon, filled with lots of music and fun. At the end there was a delicious snack to recharge our energies.

How good it is to see the joy of the children in these moments of fun. It is a satisfaction for us to provide this to them.


Lar Maná is going through several necessary and important renovations, all to provide comfort and safety for our children. We put ceramic tiles in the girls’ house and next month it will be the boys’ house. We chose this material because it is more resistant and easy to clean when necessary.

The sofa also got a new face, with a beautiful custom-made upholstery.and what can we say about this beautiful team of employees and volunteers? Just thank you for your dedication and commitment.

Nesse mês, o Lar Maná está passando por várias reformas necessárias e importantes para proporcionar conforto e segurança para nossas crianças. Many thanks to you too, who help us through donations, because without them, none of this would be possible.

Did You Know You Can Have a Positive Impact on the Life of an At-risk Child?

Over the years, sponsoring a child has been one of the most effective ways to help them develop a positive self-image, get an education and rise up out of poverty. When you join our dedicated team of professionals and volunteers through sponsorship, we work together to guarantee the physical well-being, mental health and spiritual development of that child. To see everything that happens around here daily, follow us on our social media at @larmana.org.br!

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