Newsletter December 2021

Newsletter December 2021

Mission Accomplished

The month of December was very blessed for us and for our children! With great joy and warm hearts, we inform you that 6 children received a new, loving family through the process of adoption this past month! We invite you to keep these new families in your prayers.

Birthdays of the Month

On December 3rd, we celebrated the 11th birthday of one of our boys! The chosen theme for the party was the soccer team “Sport Clube do Recife”.

He wore the Sport uniform and celebrated happily with all the children. They ran around, played soccer, danced and sang together!

After singing Happy Birthday, everyone had some delicious snacks!

On December 17th, we had another birthday party to celebrate two of our princesses!

The theme of the party was “Pop it”, a toy that our children love!

During the party, the kids ran, played, sang and danced a lot. And of course, had lots of delicious cake!

Hearing at Lar Maná

In the beginning of the month of December, Lar Maná welcomed the judge, the prosecutor, the technical team from the Children and Youth Court of the District of Paulista and other representatives.

Along with Lar Maná’s team, they worked very hard to evaluate the situation of our children and work on their cases.

It was a very productive afternoon, where the future of our children was in focus.

Visit from COMCAP

On December 3rd, we received a visit from COMCAP (Municipal Council for the Defense of the Rights of Children and Adolescents from Paulista) for an inspection at Lar Maná.

Two members from COMCAP collected all names and duties of our employees and also visited and photographed all our facilities.

Christmas Solidarity TJPE and MPPE

On December 9th, our children from Lar Maná and also children from another shelter called “Casa de Acolhimento Vó Raimunda Leonor Nunes” were blessed with a beautiful event promoted by TJPE (Tribunal de Justiça de Pernambuco/Court of Justice of Pernambuco) and MPPE (Ministério Público de Pernambuco/Public Ministry of Pernambuco) called “Christmas Solidarity”.

They provided a trip to “Paulista Northway Shopping” with our children, where they played in the “Parks&Games” area. Then, we all went to the food court to eat pizza and, last but not least, we all went to the movies to watch the new Disney animation “Encanto”.

We are very grateful for the opportunity that was given to our children. The joy in their faces was unmatched!

Christmas Actions

  • On 12/15, we received a visit from “Decor Bella Fest” and “Mimos de Doces” who stopped by to share some of their sweetness and joy with our kids. Their representatives brought many gifts and goodies for the kids and they got to know more about our mission as a shelter for at-risk children.

  • Our children received not only one, but two visits from Santa Claus!

Two different groups of volunteers came to Lar Maná this month with many gifts for our little ones.

They also brought much love, charity, compassion and most important of all, teachings about Christmas and the word of God so that our little ones could understand the true meaning of Christmas.

  • This year, Lar Maná was a part of the “Solidary Christmas” campaign from Ferreira Costa Home Center!

Letters from various children were spread out in different Ferreira Costa stores so that customers could choose a letter and gift the child who wrote it.

The campaign provided gifts for a total of 1,636 socially vulnerable children, including our little ones from Lar Maná! One of Ferreira Costa’s employees and one of their clients brought the clothes, shoes, and toys that were collected for our children.

We would like to thank all who participated from the bottom of our hearts!

  • The bakery “Além do Pão” provided us with a “Christmas of Dreams”. Through this action, their staff and clients collected toys, clothes, food and hygiene products to be donated to our children! Two of their employees went personally to Lar Maná to deliver the donations and got to know our work, presented by our director Ana Valéria.
  • Elder Regis and his wife Denise, from Curado Church of Christ, came to Lar Maná in the morning of Dec. 21st to place many Christmas presents under our tree. We are very grateful for this beautiful gesture!
  • On 12/22, we received a visit from employees of Toppus Services, who came by to bring gifts and sweets to brighten up our children’s Christmas!

The company’s team collected toys, clothes, and shoes that were donated to our children. Thank you for making our children’s Christmas even happier!

  • This past month, our children were also blessed by another beautiful gift donation that came through, provided by the “GRE Recife Norte” (Regional Education Management Office – North Recife). Our children received the donations with so much joy and it was a true blessing!

Medical follow-up at Lar Maná

Thanks to an articulation of the Executive Secretariat of Social Assistance and Human Rights in partnership with the Secretariat of Health of Paulista, we received a visit from psychologist and sanitarian Sônia de Arruda, psychiatrist Rafael Mendes and nurse Ana Maria Carvalho.

The team returned to Lar Maná to follow up on the status of our children after their last visit, and to give a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine to our staff and the vaccine against H1N1 for the children and contributors.

Lar Maná’s Get-Together

In order to thank our employees and collaborators for another year of hard and rewarding work, we had our special get-together!

A few days before Christmas Day, we had a barbecue lunch together to celebrate this past year of work at Lar Maná!

Our Last Message to You This Year

Another year has come and gone, and with it, countless blessings have been given to us. We’d like to thank God for taking such good care of us and all of you who took part in this mission with us!

To all of you who shared your time by visiting us and helping us voluntarily, to all who helped us a lot through donations or sponsorships, and to everyone who followed us through our social media, always blessing us with kind comments and encouragement:

We wish you a happy new year, full of blessings, lots of health, love, and joy! And may you continue walking together with us in this mission of hope and love that is Lar Maná!

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